"Please enjoy these insightful and comical anecdotes about life, business, farming, and healing herbs. I will add new entries as life and time allow."
- Jen

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Life & Perspective DIY Medicine
2021 - Season video coming soon
- On Self-Advocation and Self-Love #1
- Coral Root as a Healing Herb
2020 - View our 3 minute 2020 Season Video, size is 228mb
- What are you even doing?
- The season of snow is upon us again
- The journey of the emotions of killing
- Animated comic: "Elk X-ing" - 01:11m @ 10.5mb
- Animated comic: "Roadkill's a Drag" - 01:27m @ 11.5mb
- I put a bone in my foot...
- The goat ripped her teat open
- A hawk snatched the puppy
- The boar has what? Where!?
- When pigs fly
- Nova's Bloody Eye
Ancient History
- That wasn't a squirrel...
- Mr. Icecream, A.K.A. "Scar Face"
- How herbal medicine became an interest
- Stitches the Chicken
- Broken turkey legs
- Nova's Poisoning