“Having lived my life in the Northwest USA, I’ve always had a passion for nature and a drive to realize a more meaningful way of life. The long-term goal was to find a way to live and farm off-grid, in cooperation with the natural world.  I have now been living and farming off-grid for many years.  I provide for and care for myself and my animals in every way possible, re-discovering knowledge that has been all but erased.  I wish to share what I learn along the way to help inspire adventurous attitudes and meaningful changes.”   – Jen

What’s in a name?
Why “Desert Rose”? Upon inception, it was simply a derivative of my name, and I also lived in the sprawling desert of Southern Idaho. Pretty simple, right? Over 12 years later, its meaning, to me, has come to symbolize beauty, persistence, and provision in the face of tribulation. This business is, and always has been, how I provide for myself, my farm, and even my friends when they are in need. It has grown with me over the years and evolved in many ways.

In summer 2021, the Desert Rose Farm moved to Washington, albeit quite unexpectedly. I am still functioning as an off-grid farm and working towards producing everything I need right here in the soil and trees. I am also beginning work with a local organization seeking to help domestic abuse victims and refugees, endeavoring to provide the farm-space for those in need to learn meaningful and empowering skills and to help provide for themselves.
I currently rely on my neighbors to grow the no-spray hay and feed I need, and require fuel, building materials, internet, and basic goods like tools and toilet paper. I seek to meet these needs by selling and trading goods that I can grow, forage, or produce myself. Goods like mushrooms, resins, herbs, seeds, plants, beestuffs, wood, livestock, and yes, even bones and hides.
As time progresses I hope to offer more farm and livestock products along with natural and foraged goods. Every sale helps feed, fuel, and support myself and the farm directly.

Why choose “self-sustainability”?
Because consumerism is destroying our planet. With our fuel, energy, food, and goods being produced by the blood and servitude of others, I realized almost 10 years ago that I could not continue to consume in good conscience. One less dependent consumer won’t make a difference to the global market, but maybe, just maybe it will inspire others to take a similar path, and perhaps they will yet inspire others. Life is short; why do anything other than try our best to be good to the world around us?

There are many who share my own values and goals, and I am happy to share knowledge and support others wherever possible. As I learn and grow, I am endeavoring to compile my work and knowledge into sharable media. I think that the unique things we learn should be shared with others as freely as possible to encourage, enable, and empower others to make meaningful and adventurous changes! Because sharing knowledge freely helps to break down social, political, and economic barriers.

It may be awhile before this digital media project produces downloadable information, but in the mean time, if you have any questions or curiosities about farming, off-grid living, or permaculture concepts, please contact me so we can all grow together!

About Our Bones

Of course, bones and skulls are the back bone of Desert Rose; my humble beginnings started out in the world of taxidermy. I have been professionally cleaning bones and skulls for folks around the world since 2008.  My new standard is to offer only bones that have no monetary exchange attached to them (that means I don’t buy bones from trappers or hunters)- so nature-cleaned, wild-foraged, and farm-raised bones are what I work with. I consider this work a unique form of recycling, by breathing beauty and functionality back into ‘waste’ and creating an opportunity for folks to utilize, study, and honor these natural pieces. 

And of course my dried specimens are always dried using non-toxic, chemical-free methods.  When you purchase bones and skulls from me, odd as it may seem, you are directly supporting the farm. Your order helps feed the chickens, care for the honey bees, and maintain the infrastructure of the farm.

Contact Us:
My farm has no posted business hours and does not have a shop front open to the public. I will always strive to communicate quickly and clearly, answer your questions, or work out any issues that may arise. Please be patient while waiting for a response, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!
Email me at: contact@desertrose.us
**And if you didn’t get a response, email me again 🙂 Sometimes messages hide in the junk folder!
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