About Us

Welcome!  My name is Jen, and over 15 years ago I started Desert Rose.  Our roots have always been in all things natural; farming, gardening, foraging, herbal medicine, and travel.  Everything we offer for sale is sourced and produced by Yours Truly, and every sale supports our mission directly.  So here’s a huge thanks to our thousands of customers all across the globe!  You make every day of our journey possible!

You can contact us via email at: contact@desertrose.us

A Commitment to Sustainability

Working in cooperation with nature is the root of my work. From sustainable foraging to holistic farming and organic gardening, I consider the environmental impacts of day to day life in everything I do. In 2023, we are striving to further these efforts when it comes to e-commerce by switching to 100% compostable or recyclable shipping supplies, and progressively replacing the use of plastic bags. There are some items that are impractical to package otherwise (like copal resin, for example), but wherever possible we are switching to paper-based packaging materials as a renewable alternative to plastics.


Check out our home-grown, hand-made, and wildcrafted goods!

Have you heard about our Best Selling Crow Collars?  Having raised and bred chickens for over 10 years, we set out on a mission to make a better crow collar for roosters.  After a full season of testing new designs and materials, we came up with our unique and original collar design.  It’s designed with safety and effectiveness in mind, for any breed or size chicken!  Check out our Crow Reduction Collars page for lots of helpful information and FAQs to find out why thousands of chicken owners have left overwhelmingly 5-star reviews for our affordable and effective collars!  

We also sell a wide variety of earth-based products!  Visit our shop here, or on Etsy and explore!  Our inventory changes and shifts with each season and the yields of each unique year.

What’s new around here?

We are on a daring new venture to integrate our sales internationally with Plukka Sjæl, our budding Norwegian sister company.   I am personally working abroad to help get this project off the ground, and am involved in the wildcrafting and creation of products at Plukka Sjæl.  The greatest benefit of this to our customers is more affordable, accessible international shipping.  Over the next year, more and more of our products will be available for world-wide shipment from Norway, which means faster delivery at 1/5 the price compared to international shipments from the USA!  Keep an eye out for updates!