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“A Farm Update – New Beginnings”

Hello, friends. It’s been awhile since I made a blog post!

While the reasons are many, and I may discuss them in depth as time progresses, I have moved my farm. Again. It’s been a difficult transition (moving a farm is never easy under the best of circumstances!), but with a new normality on the horizon, I am opening my shop back up. Folks can expect some new lower prices, but unfortunately I will not have much in the way of a fresh supply of 2021 forage 🙁 Best laid plans, and all that!

So what am I doing? Well I’m excited to announce a possible future in working with a local organization that seeks to aid refugees and domestic abuse survivors. I will be providing skills and knowledge building opportunities to help empower folks and encourage self-confidence and self-reliance. This side project may take some time, but in the meantime I will be continuing my off-grid farming and Etsy work. As life settles in a new land, with any luck, my Etsy shop can begin to reflect the local flora of my new home.

Unfortunately my grand plans for 2021, such as creating a youtube channel, a series of videos on farming and self reliance, and finishing some informative publications, among other things, will likely be delayed into 2022. We’ll see what winter 2021 and a new year in 2022 bring!

Stay tuned for updates!

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