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“Another Indecisive Spring”

April and May spent their time swinging between near-freezing temperatures, and warm summer temperatures in the 70’s.  With each cold snap we wagered we were done with the cold and moving on towards summer.  However, the two-week cycle of extremes has continued.  Last week, in an unseasonable turn of events, we got dumped with over 20″ of snow.  At best, only about a foot of it accumulated.  We were plunged back into the throws of winter for a full week.  It’s not uncommon for one more big snow in May, but it rarely happens at the end of the month!

 The view out the kitchen window yesterday…

Today, the snow has melted (mostly) with the help of torrential rainfall and pounding hail.  The streams are engorged and overflowing, the mud is deep, and I think even the animals are looking up at the sky and saying “REALLY?!

Surely though, in another week or two, we will be back to sunshine and warmth.

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