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Helpful links about herbal medicine: – the official website of Charles W. Kane, author of some of the best herbal medicine books I’ve ever read. Check out his resources, titles, and blog.
Fun, educational, and relevant links to other websites and blogs:
Buckskin Revolution – Woniya is friendly and knowledgable and offers valuable educational courses on a variety of earth-based skills and crafts
Firebird Ridge Homestead Blog – check out this blog from a fellow homesteader hailing from New York, USA
.PDF Publication from about how fats influence the process of leather making
Other significant links:
Source #1, Source #2“Why Does He Do That?”, a book by Lundy Bancroft about recognizing abuse. This is a book that was recommended to me by a life-saving acquaintance- it helped me recognize a dangerous situation I was trapped in.  With help from Lundy’s book, along with support from friends, I successfully left a life-threatening situation.  I personally think the book is worth a read from everyone, regardless of your situation. Opening your eyes to abusive patterns and dynamics can only fortify our own compassion and social awareness and bring positive changes.  If you aren’t in a dire situation and can afford it, purchase a copy of the book as a thank you to the author 🙂