“For the last few years I’ve been working to produce digital media to share with others. Most of my media will be part of the “Re-Think” series.  The “Re-Think” project is an attempt to bring simple, effective information to others.  These publications are available for download/purchase on my Etsy shop, or for free here on our website.  My hope in sharing this knowledge freely is to inspire others to make meaningful and positive changes in their lives, and thus the world around them.” – Jen

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Re-Think: Small Livestock
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(last version update: February 25th, 2021)
A compilation of experiential knowledge about the basics of stewarding goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, doves, quail, & ducks, addressing fencing, housing, growing & buying feed, safety & handling, barnyard integration, predator protection, breed options, reproduction, & more.

 Inspired by “What should I expect?” and “What I wish I knew before I…”, this publication contains 66 full size pages, 24,702 words, and 76 color images.  Information details most foundational basics of keeping each of these species.  This publication does not include information on providing medical care for these animals.  This link is for online viewing only.  To download a printable version of this .PDF, please check out our shop 🙂

Re-Think: Hatching Bird Eggs
Status: 85% complete, expected completion in early-mid 2022
“A compilation of in-depth experiential knowledge about eggs, how to select and store them for hatching, how to mechanically incubate them, how to brood chicks, and everything you need to know about utilizing broody hens to hatch eggs for you.”

Inspired by years of trial and error learning, this publication will contain over 40 full size pages and over 30 color photos.

Other Publications In the Works:

Re-Think: Home Butchering Hogs
Status: 30% complete, expected completion in 2022

Inspired by butchering over 15 of our pigs right here on the farm.  When discussing home-butchering hogs, we are often met with fear and apprehension; “How do you not ruin the meat?  Aren’t you afraid of messing it up?  How do you actually make bacon?  How do you know the meat is clean?“.  Whether a pig is 100lbs or 1,000lbs, they’re all the same to take apart and turn into meat cuts.  It’s really not difficult, and having the knowledge to butcher at home can not only save you money, but brings you one step closer to truly providing for yourself.  You are also fully in control of how your meat is cut, portioned, and wrapped, and how cured and brined cuts are prepared.

Re-Think: Alternative Energy Systems
Status: 20% complete, expected completion in 2022

Inspired by years of trial and error learning, this publication will have a focus on wiring diagrams and explanation of standard system components. While it’s no replacement for a ‘professional’, with this guide anyone should be able to set up their own alternative energy system using hydro, solar, wind, or other electric generation to charge batteries.

Re-Think: Bone Cleaning
Status: 10% complete, expected completion in 2022 or 2023
 Inspired by over a decade of cleaning thousands of bones and skulls in a variety of ways, this publication will have a focus on bone cleaning basics for those interested in cleaning their own bones and skulls.  

 Re-Think: Herbal Remedies
Status: 10% complete, expected completion in 2022 or 2023
Inspired by years of practicing what I call “D.I.Y. Medicine”, this publication will be a compilation of basic, helpful home remedies that you can prepare and use on both humans and animals.  It will not be an in-depth study on herbal healing, nor a guide on making healing preparations.  Surely I do not have the credentials to write such a book.  Rather, this publication will be intended as a sort of “recipe guidebook”, providing easy combinations and preparation/application advice for treating many common ailments from simple to serious in nature.  From treating burns, cuts, stings, and rashes, to treating contusions and broken bones, to contending with mild to severe flesh wounds and abscesses, and even internal complications such as food poisoning, chemical poisoning, kidney stones, and more.  The herbs featured in this publication will be restricted to herbs I personally use, which are largely comprised of our local flora.


Keep checking back for updates!  – Jen