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“The New Website”

If you’re reading this, Hello!  Welcome to the fancy new website!  Are you enjoying the shiny new blog feature?  I hope so.  I’m still trying to figure out what a blog is, so bear with me…

This is my formal acknowledgement of the changes.  I did it!  I finally did it.  I surrendered to the almighty website building technology!  

I must admit, the last time I tried to use a website builder was probably around 2008.  The technology at the time was so basic that I chose to do all my own coding on my website.  My precious little website that I’ve spent countless hours fiddling with over the last 13 years!  It’s never been much, but I’ve always taken pride in coding it myself from start to finish in basic HTML5 with a basic sprinkle of CSS.  

However, creating a ‘shopping cart’ was beyond me 🙁   I tried a few times and never succeeded.  Using Paypal’s imported cart features are archaic and cumbersome (or at least they were last time I tried).  Before switching to this fancy WordPress site builder, I relied on a .PDF catalogue where people could email me a list of what they wanted, then I sent them an invoice to pay, they paid me, then I shipped the item, and we did business that way.  But a lot of folks can’t be bothered to go through all that work.  We’ve struggled to fluidly conduct direct sales from our website.

So it was time.  At first I hated this new site builder- I still feel like it’s lacking in color and images; my ability to edit most site features is very limited.  This is when folks say “Then upgrade to Premium“, and I say “NEVER!“.  At the time of writing this, I’ve been tinkering with the new website for 4 days.  I’ve figured out enough of the customization to feel content with the changes.

Hopefully everyone else likes the new vibe of the site, too.  Maybe I’ll start slipping in more photos here and there of this and that to brighten it up.  I chose a black background because white screens are hard on my eyes, and also, we are off-grid and run on solar/battery power.  A black screen uses less energy than a white screen 😀

If you’re new here, and you sort of like what you see, keep checking back.  Hopefully I’ll remain active and keep tweaking features, adding blog posts, and most importantly, continuing to migrate my inventory into the shop.  We’re also on satellite internet and currently we’re over our data limit, so listing new items takes 5 to 10 minutes, at best, per item…  It’s rather tedious.  There’s no guarantee that a new data cycle will speed things up any.  After all, my internet has to go into orbit before coming back down to Earth, I cut it some slack for being a little bit slow.