Medicinal Herbs

Our herbs, except usnea lichen, are sold by the ounce. They are always sustainably harvested, with little to no impact on the plants’ populations or health. All the herbs you see here were hand-harvested in the 2022 growing season. We keep them as whole as possible. They are always air dried; no machines or carbon footprint. They are naturally fragrant, vibrant, and a delight to work with.

Each year we typically sell out of most of our herbs. What we don’t sell out of I keep for personal use or I give to folks who need them. So every year our herb inventory, just like our seed inventory, is new from the most current season. The best time to stock up is late summer and early fall when we’re processing and drying the herbs.

If you have a need for a custom quantity, please inquire. We may be able to custom forage for you. Most of these herbs are growing between July and September in our region.

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