Avens (geum macrophyllum)


Large-leaved Avens: flower, leaf, and stem.  1oz. of Avens is about a full pint of plant matter.

Large-leaved Avens (geum macrophyllum var. perincisum) is a humble and easily over-looked herb. Part of the rose family, Avens has mild disinfectant properties and has many practical medicinal applications. The dried herb is mildly fragrant and pleasant. All parts of Large-Leaved Avens are medicinal.

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[**The following is an excerpt from Medicinal Plants of the Western Mountain States by C. W. Kane**]

Flavonoids; ellagitannins; gallotannins.

Medicinal Uses:
[Avens] contains an array of flavonoids and tannins that tighten and constrict surface tissue. Use avens as a soothing astringent for the urinary tract. If the urine [shows signs of infection], the tea is indicated. For extra disinfectant action, combine Avens with Juniper, Thuja, or Cypress, otherwise the herb used alone should be fine for simple area irritability and/or mild infection.
[In conjunction with Lobelia and/or Gravel root] Avens serves as a urinary tissue anti-inflammatory and mild homeostatic.
…Try Avens for incontinence in older individuals who suffer from general area laxity. …For those who are just beginning to show signs of weakness, the tea will encourage area tone.
…The plant’s astringent attributes [are] responsible for its menses abating effects. Although there is little Avens will do if the situation is caused by diminished levels of estrogen/progesterone upon entering pre-menopause, the tea works well if used during menses to clarify the end of the period. Minor postpartum bleeding also will abate due to the plant’s mild uterine lining astringency.
Mild vaginitis responds well to the tea when it is applied as a sitz bath. It’s not particularly anti-microbial, but it will be found soothing to inflamed tissues.

Indications [symptoms Avens can address]
– Dysuria
– Hematuria
– Incontinence, in the aged
– Menstruation, heavy
– Vaginitis, mild (external)

There are no cautions with Avens for normal use.

[**end excerpt**]

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