Charcoal Powder


This listing for charcoal powder is sold by the ounce.  For example, a quantity of 5 equates to 5 ounces of powder.

Our pure wood charcoal is collected from slash piles we create and burn as we maintain and groom our forest. All of our charcoal is from wood that was harvested by Yours Truly right here on the mountain from pine, spruce, larch, and fir. The charcoal has been very carefully collected and has had no exposure to water. It has been sifted through a 1/16″ filter to remove lumps and impurities.

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What can this charcoal be used for?
– paints, pastels, glazes, and other art mediums
– soil amendment
– activated charcoal (requires “activation” by heat or chemical, which essentially increases surface area of charcoal molecules)
– biochar (requires “activation” by hydrating and inoculating with mycelium just before adding to soil)
– home grown morel patches appreciate boosts of both charcoal and ash in their growing areas
– cosmetics
– works great as an ice melt medium and is non-toxic for the environment
– and more!

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