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Clarified Ponderosa Pine Resin


This Ponderosa Pine resin has been clarified by filtering it through an ultra-fine stainless steel screen at low heat.

This listing is sold by the ounce- for example, a quantity of 5 will equate to 5 ounces.

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This Ponderosa Pine resin has been filtered through an ultra-fine stainless steel screen at low heat to remove most impurities.

Each species has unique characteristics.
– Douglas Fir is usually dry and firm in consistency, with a rich and sweet aroma.
Ponderosa Pine is often dry after clarifying, but sometimes remains somewhat moist and sticky. It has a rich color and mild aroma.
– Lodgepole Pine is usually mildly sticky even after clarification, and retains its delightful campohrous aroma.
– Engelman Spruce is often dry, but sometimes remains sticky. Its aroma is crisp, fresh, and mild.
– Western Larch is usually dry and brittle in consistency, with a very subtle, the least aromatic of the resins we have

Naturally organic and growing in remote wild places, many miles from any agriculture, spraying, or smog, this resin is ideal for a wide variety of crafts and applications; from healing and medicinal applications, tinctures, remedies, and salves, to flavorings and supplements, incense and aromatherapy, natural wood varnish and waxes, “amber” jewelry, and so much more!

Tip: resin/sap dissolves in oil, not water. Dissolve resin stickiness with oil then wash away with soap!

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