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x50 Landrace Early Sweet Corn Seeds – maize


This sweet corn comes from 5+ different early sweet corn lineages that have been cross pollinating over multiple generations. Seeds from  the best plants are kept each year and each resulting generation of corn becomes better suited to its growing conditions; this is landrace breeding.  We are focusing on early corn that will grow readily in our cool 100+/- day growing season here in USDA zone 3.  My early corn was ready to pick and eat roughly 10 weeks after planting (70~ days). Each stalk produces 1-3 corn cobs.  Some stalks may produce more in a longer growing season. Because this is a land race breeding experiment, each subsequent generation may deviate curiously from the previous. For 2 consecutive years my corn has survived a light frost without dying back, but I would not yet call it frost tolerant.  In 2020 we only had about 60 straight ‘warm’ days with nights above 40º, it was a good test for all of my early variety plants!

This corn is unlike regular store-variety sweet corns:
– First, kernels range from yellow to pink, orange, red, purple, and blue. Red is the predominant color, but I’m trying to breed for more purples and blues in the mix. Each cob is totally unique in its coloration. Some may be 1 solid color, others may have a wide variety of colors on each cob.
– Second, it is not as intensely sweet as commercial sweet corn. I prefer to eat it raw, I find it quite palatable.
– Also, like all corn, this is a VERY heavy feeding plant. Heavily fertilized stalks will reach 4-6 feet tall and produce ears 4 – 8 inches long, a fair rival to commercial corn considering its short growing period. However, poorly fertilized plants may only grow 2 feet tall and produce ears less than 3 inches long. We fertilize our corn regularly with manure and urine from the farm. You will probably be disappointed with this corn if it is not fed properly while growing!

Perks of early sweet corn:
– If you have competing crops of corn around you that you do not want your own corn to cross-pollinate with (a GMO crop next door, for example), an early variety will mature more rapidly and will have set ears before the nearby crop has even started producing pollen.
– You can enjoy fresh corn in a short growing season where you may struggle to grow longer season corn varieties before the frost
– If you have limited space, this early corn grows very well in 5+ gallon planter pots, spaced as narrow as 4-6″ between plants. Remember that potted plants need heavy soil amendment. This corn can be grown indoors, on a porch, or in other limited-space areas. We grow ours in pots so we can bring them in the greenhouse or cabin if unseasonal frost threatens, or if wildlife starts to prey too heavily on it.
– It likewise doesn’t compete heavily for space or light in a greenhouse.
– If you enjoy unique and unusual crops, a rapid-production multi-colored corn can be fun to grow and work with!

Remember: If you’re looking for large 10″+ cobs of ultra sweet corn, this is not the variety you want! This is a mildly-sweet, medium/small cobbed, short-season corn with wild-card genetics.

Our germination test groups determined:
– 5-10 days germination time
– 90%+ germination rate

Sold out!


Each seed lot has been portioned with 10-20% more seed than the advertised quantity, just to pad against potential miscount or infertility.
>> SEED LOTS will be mailed in a regular paper mailing envelope to save on shipping costs.

The photos on this listing are of the seeds you will receive and some of the plants that they came from. These are not stock photos.

We collect, clean, sort, count, and sell seed as a chance for others to propagate healthful, medicinal, and edible plants. We factor prices based on our time and resources, nothing more. We do not try to compete with wholesalers and re-sellers.

We STRONGLY encourage everyone to save seeds of their own! It’s practical, free, and addicting 🙂

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