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Cured Western Larch Resin


This Western Larch resin is naturally cured and dry.

This listing is sold by the ounce- for example, a quantity of 5 will equate to 5 ounces.

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This cured Western Larch resin is naturally dry.  It is typically easily powdered without needing to be frozen first.  Most cured resins have a higher melting point than copal (soft) resins.  The resin may have natural debris encased within.

Each species has unique characteristics.
– Douglas Fir is usually golden, orange, or grey, with a sweet and camphorous aroma.
– Ponderosa Pine is usually orange, purple, red, or yellow with and sharp fruity aroma.
– Lodgepole Pine is usually golden, sometimes orange or red, with a strong, tangy, campohrous aroma.
– Engelman Spruce is colorful, ranging from purple, pink, yellow, red, and orange, with a sweet bubble-gum-like aroma.
Western Larch is reddish brown in color and has a refreshing, crisp aroma like a fresh breeze in the forest.  Larch resin usually has bark encased inside of it, so lots are padded with an extra 10% weight to compensate for woody debris.

Naturally organic and growing in remote wild places, many miles from any agriculture, spraying, or smog, this resin is ideal for a wide variety of crafts and applications; from healing and medicinal applications, tinctures, remedies, and salves, to flavorings and supplements, incense and aromatherapy, natural wood varnish and waxes, “amber” jewelry, and so much more!

Tip: resin/sap dissolves in oil, not water. Dissolve resin stickiness with oil then wash away with soap!

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