Re-Think: Hatching Bird Eggs – All about eggs, mechanical incubation, and utilizing broodies


Re-Think: Hatching Bird Eggs: A compilation of in-depth experiential knowledge about eggs, how to select and store them for hatching, how to mechanically incubate them, how to brood chicks, and everything you need to know about utilizing broody hens to hatch eggs for you.

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Most recent version update: 01/08/2022

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This 39 full-size page, 15,357-word digital publication covers basic “need to know” information about eggs and how to hatch them. It includes meaningful anecdotes, a touch of humor, and 30 color photographs/graphics of birds and eggs. For both the beginner or the experienced bird keeper, there is likely something valuable to be learned. My publications are kid-friendly, I do not use profanity or explicit images. There are no photos of death, butchering, or breeding. The book does not contain information about medical treatment for animals.

“This information is built upon first-hand experience, trial and error, and good old fashioned livin’ and learnin’ from years of raising and living alongside birds. I do not claim perfection in my knowledge. Some aspects of my knowledge and experiences may be incomplete. It is important to remember that there are 1,000 different ways to raise birds, and 1,001 different opinions on what you should or shouldn’t do, what can or can’t be done. Consider this to be my own opinion, which will surely shift and expand as the years go by and I try new things, make new mistakes, and learn more every day.”

I hope you enjoy this publication! My purpose in creating it is to help inspire other to make life-improving and world-changing decisions!

This listing is for an instant .PDF download of this publication. You may read, print, and share this media, but you may not profit from it. In the future I may update this publication with revised or expanded editions. If you’ve already purchased the .PDF and there is a new version available, simply contact me and we’ll get you up-to-date with the latest version for free 🙂