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Hound’s Tongue / Gypsyflower – Leaf & Flower (cynoglossum officinale) – sold out for the year


Hound’s Tongue: flowers and leaves only.  Sold by the ounce.  1oz. is about a pint of plant matter.
*Dried Root sold in separate listing*

Hand-picked from our pristine mountain farm, this hardy biennial herb is wild and naturally organic, growing abundantly along embankments, slopes, and trails. Our herbs are rapidly air dried in the greenhouse; no machines or equipment. We use hound’s tongue here as a strong and effective healing herb for wounds. The abundant vegetation and large juicy roots almost seem like an inviting vegetable; however hound’s tongue should be used strictly topically! Hound’s Tongue is also commonly known as Gypsyflower.

Sold out!



[**The following is an excerpt from Medicinal Plants of the Western Mountain States by C. W. Kane**]

Allantoin; pyrrolizidine alkaloids, trachelanthamine, viridiflorine, rinderine, echinatine, 3-acetylechinatine, amabiline, 7-angeloylheliotridine, heliosupine.

Medicinal Uses:
Hound’s tongue is… essentially identical in use to Comfrey. Due to its allantoin concentration, it is best used as a mender of wounds, ulcerations, and cuts.   Additionally, it excels as a burn dressing and a healer of residual tissue disruption from bites, stings, and outbreaks…

Indications [symptoms Hound’s Tongue can address]
– Wounds, ulcers, burns, bites (external)

There are no cautions for external use. Do not use Hound’s Tongue internally. [concentrated quantities taken internally, or foliage consumed as more than 10% of the diet have been shown to cause acute poisoning]

[**end excerpt**]

Personal uses of Hound’s tongue:
– Major bruising recovery (poultice)
– Routine tea bath for wounded, sore, and cut-up working hands (strong tea, often combined with basil for soothing and antiseptic qualities)
– Relief from contact with stinging nettle, which grows amongst it (fresh chewed leaf applied to skin for instant relief)
– Relief from wasp stings when out hiking (similarly chewed)
– Soaking broken/fractured feet and hands for faster recovery

**Always do research for yourself before using herbs for healing. There are many great, educational books available! I like to cross reference several reputable sources before using a new herb. I am obligated to remind you that you are solely responsible for your own actions and what you choose to do with this herb. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, and my comments have not been reviewed by the FDA. This product is not produced in an FDA approved facility**

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