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x50 Glacier Lily Seeds – erythronium grandiflorum


Glacier Lily is one of the first plants to show itself each spring. They sport a single pair of green leaves. When they flower, they send up a long thing stalk that bear a vibrant yellow bloom. The corm (‘root’) of the Glacier Lily is sweet and sugary in the spring, and starchy in the fall.  Corms are delicious raw.  The entire plant is edible with varying degrees of palatability. The Glacier Lily often spreads into large swathes, blanketing the forest in green and yellow each spring, just as the snow is melting. They are quickly crowded out in the summer when other plants take over, but the Glacier Lily doesn’t mind, it’s already finished blooming for the year.

Please note that there may be trace amounts of Glacier Lily’s close relative, the Trout Lily, which blooms slightly later and sports a white flower. Both are edible.

To establish Glacier Lily, sew the seeds in early fall and allow them to stratify naturally over winter. They may require 2 to 3 months of stratification, so if you live in a warm climate without a prolonged freeze, artificially stratify in a fridge or freezer. Directions for doing so may be found from many sources online.

Sold out!


Each seed lot has been portioned with 10-20% more seed than the advertised quantity, just to pad against potential miscount or infertility.

The photos on this listing are of the seeds you will receive and some of the plants that they came from. These are not stock photos.

We collect, clean, sort, count, and sell seed as a chance for others to propagate healthful, medicinal, and edible plants. We factor prices based on our time and resources, nothing more. We do not try to compete with wholesalers and re-sellers.

We STRONGLY encourage everyone to save seeds of their own! It’s practical, free, and addicting 🙂

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