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Pipsissewa (chimaphila umbellata) – sold out til summer 2021


Pipsissewa: leaves only.  Sold by the ounce.  1oz. is about a pint of plant matter.

. Pipsissewa is known to some as a flavoring once used to use in colas. Its purposes as a flavoring, however, are definitely secondary to the plant’s healing potential. This robust little evergreen mountain ground cover has a precise but potent application in the hands of herbalists.

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[**The following is an excerpt from Medicinal Plants of the Western Mountain States by C. W. Kane**]

Phenolic acid: homogentisic acid; phenolic glycosides: arbutin, isohomoarbutin; flavonoids: avicularin, hyperoside, kaempferol; triterpenoid: β-amyrin; sterols: β-sitosterol, taraxasterol, ursolic acid; quinones: chimaphilin, renifolin; flavanol: epicatechin gallate; waxes: hentriacontane, nonacosane; methyl salicylate.

Medicinal Uses:
…Pipsissewa is primarily a urinary tract medicine… The herb tea (or tincture in water) is best applied to chronic irritations and mild/moderate infections of the urinary area. It most reliably remedies lower urinary tract infections: urethritis and cystitis are its best applications, especially if the infection is chronic or subacute. Additionally it will be found specific for chronic lower urinary tract infections dependent upon alkaline urine (i.e. E. coli proliferation). Use Uva-ursi or Madrone if the infection is acute, but if a maintenance herb is needed try Pipsissewa.
Men who suffer from urinary complaints from prostate enlargement and related prostatitis, should see symptomatic relief with Pipsissewa. Not really prostate shrinking, but rather antiseptic and inflammation reducing to the surrounding urinary tissues, it is best used when scanty urination and chronic infection from incomplete voiding are the main symptoms.
…The plant will have an optimal effect on mid- to upper- urinary infections when they are in their beginning stages (unlike the plant’s indication for chronic lower infections).
Pipsissewa’s best tonic use is for low-level autoimmune non-bacterial kidney inflammation. Many will find the plant diminishing to the general low-back ache, extreme edema, and joint-tissue pain that often accompanies flare-ups. Often protein (albumin) tainted urine will clear with the plant’s consistent usage.

Indications [symptoms Pipsissewa can address]
– Urethritis/Cystitis, chronic/subacute
– Urethritis/Cystitis, with alkaline urine
– Urethritis/Cystitis, with prostate involvement
– Urethritis/Pyelitis, mild/beginning stages
– Inflammation, renal, autoimmune causes
– Albuminuria, autoimmune causes

Pipsissewa is a relatively safe medicinal plant. Due to its astringency, some stomach upset and/or bladder/kidney irritation may result from excessive amounts. Limited quantities are acceptable during pregnancy and are also not a problem while nursing or with children.

[**end excerpt**]


**Always do research for yourself before using herbs for healing. There are many great, educational books available! I like to cross reference several reputable sources before using a new herb. I am obligated to remind you that you are solely responsible for your own actions and what you choose to do with this herb. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, and my comments have not been reviewed by the FDA. This product is not produced in an FDA approved facility**

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