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50 Marshmallow Seeds – althaea officinalis


Marshmallow is a hardy and long lived shrub with well known medicinal properties. Pollinators and bees love it! Marshmallow is an ancient traditional herb, reportedly used for lung and bronchitis complaints, as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, as a nutritive supplement, and so much more.

Marshmallow seeds will preform best if lightly stratified 4 – 6 weeks before planting.

Sold out!


Each seed lot has been portioned with 10-20% more seed than the advertised quantity, just to pad against potential miscount or infertility.

The photos on this listing are of the seeds you will receive and some of the plants that they came from. These are not stock photos.

We collect, clean, sort, count, and sell seed as a chance for others to propagate healthful, medicinal, and edible plants. We factor prices based on our time and resources, nothing more. We do not try to compete with wholesalers and re-sellers.

We STRONGLY encourage everyone to save seeds of their own! It’s practical, free, and addicting 🙂

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