Dried Morel Mushrooms – m. elata & m. esculenta


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Morels range from 1/2″ long up to 2″ long. Each lot is a natural mix of sizes. Some mushrooms may still have natural debris on the stems, which can be trimmed off if it does not wash away when hydrating your mushrooms. This is common for morels, especially when they come from a fresh burn where they grow abundantly in sticky soot and ash! They have a fantastic, aromatic aroma.

Painstakingly plucked from remote, steep, burnt mountainsides in Western Montana, these morels are naturally organic and wildly delicious! Morels have a meaty, robust texture and a world-reknowned gourmet flavor. These are 100% true morchella mushrooms, we do not pick gyromitras or verpas (aka “false morels”)!

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