Ox-Eye Daisy (leucanthemum vulgare)


Ox-Eye Daisy: flowers only.  Sold by the ounce.  1oz. of Ox-Eye Daisy is about a pint of plant matter.

Our Ox-Eye Daisy is wild and naturally organic, growing abundantly in sunny sunny meadows and trail sides.


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[**The following is an excerpt from Medicinal Plants of the Western Mountain States by C. W. Kane**]

Sesquiterpenes: nerolidol, a-bisabolol, farnesol, farnesene; polyacetylenes; flavonoids.

Medicinal Uses:
…Ox-Eye Dausy is a mild remedy, and can be thought of as an amalgam of Chamomile, Garden Chrysanthemum, and Feverfew. It’s old time use, as a warning fever tonic, has wide application, especially in children. Drink the tea when a fever’s peak has passed, yet perspiration is still excessive… Moost find Ox-Eye Daisy to be mildly sedative, like chamomile, making it a nice fit for fever-related mental agitation.
The lungs are another area under Ox-Eye Daisy’s influence. Inflamed bronchial tissue with excessive secretion, be it related to asthma or bronchitis, is quieted. It is also well used as a sitz bath (and internal tea_) for vaginitis, characterized by discharge and inflammation…
Topically, a general wash is cleansing, mildly antibacterial, and arresting to excessive secretion. Use it frequently on abscesses (after coming to a head/lanced), ulcers, bedsores, and other similar cutaneous problems.


Indications [for use]
– Fever, post-spike, excessive perspiration
– Bronchial inflammation, with excessive secretion
– Vaginitis, mild (external)
– Ulcerations and related cutaneous conditions (external)

A number of other Leucanthemum/Chrysanthemum (i.e. ….Dalmatian Daisy) contain pyrethrins, a group of naturally occurring compounds with well-documented insecticidal properties. These compounds also tend to be mild to moderately toxic when ingested in sufficient quantities. There are no consistent reports of Ox-Eye Daisy containing these compounds, at least in greater than trace amounts.

[**end excerpt**]

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