Tobacco Brush / Snowbrush / Redroot (ceanothus velutinus)


Tobacco Brush / Red Root: flower and leaf mix.  1oz. of is a full pint of plant matter.

Tobacco Brush is a long-lived and slow to establish shrub.  They typically favor barren sunny hillsides ravaged by fire.   They are a beautiful, hardy, and wonderfully aromatic plant to have around!

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This a listing for dried Tobacco Brush leaf and flower. Tobacco Brush is also commonly called Snowbrush, Red Root, Sticky Laurel, and Mountain Balm. It has a rich, earthy-sweet aroma, which carries onto the leaves as flowering heads shed a sticky and fast-drying resin over the leaves. This herb is is wild and naturally organic, growing in dense shrubs on our sunny slopes.
Snowbrush’s leaves and flowers are not medicinally comparable to its root (commonly known as Red Root), however they have many unique properties of their own. The aromatics of the leaves, flower, and resin are unique and pleasing. Many sources cite that the compounds within them lend to making fine soaps, insecticide smoke, and even rich teas.

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