x75 Spinach Seeds – spinacia oleracea


This year our 8+ generation spinach produced astonishingly massive, soft, tender leaves. It was long lived and slow to bolt. These seeds are from our top preforming plants this season. Spinach is a delightfully palatable, easy to grow, cold-hardy leafy green. Delicious raw or cooked, and even dried, spinach is simple to grow and harvest in the ground, in pots, and even indoors.

Our germination test groups determined:
– 10-15 days germination time
– 90%+ germination rate

We have been growing spinach from our own seeds for over 9 years. As always, we absolutely never use any chemical agents in or on our gardens or plants. Everything we grow is done as naturally as possible, with zero pesticide and herbicide use, using only richly composted soils from the farm. I like to grow spinach in ‘patches’, thinned to 2-3″ between plants. I start nipping off leaves with my fingernails for eating as soon as they reach 2-3″ in length, leaving new baby leaves behind to replace them. In poorer soils, our spinach tends to bolt more quickly, producing tougher leaves as it produces its tall, hollow flowering stalk (that is also edible!). But when heavily and regularly fertilized, bolting becomes a slow and showy progression of beautiful, rich, green displays of leaves arranged like flowering petals, which remain delicious and palatable even while the plant is trying to produce seed. When well fertilized,the spinach continues to produce edible and tender leaves for the life of the plant. As the plant matures it produces a thick, juicy, hollow stem that can reach 3 feet or more in height. And as a self pollinator, seed is easily attained and saved for future years, even when grown in the greenhouse.
As one of the earliest greens to grow and latest to freeze, we love spinach! It tolerates our outdoor zone 3 ecosystem well, and flourishes abundantly in the zone 4 greenhosues.

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Each seed lot has been portioned with 10-20% more seed than the advertised quantity, just to pad against potential miscount or infertility.
>> SEED LOTS will be mailed in a regular paper mailing envelope to save on shipping costs.

The photos on this listing are of the seeds you will receive and some of the plants that they came from. These are not stock photos.

We collect, clean, sort, count, and sell seed as a chance for others to propagate healthful, medicinal, and edible plants. We factor prices based on our time and resources, nothing more. We do not try to compete with wholesalers and re-sellers.

We STRONGLY encourage everyone to save seeds of their own! It’s practical, free, and addicting 🙂

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