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Native Wildflowers Pack – 6 Species, 800 Seeds Total


This is a listing for seed packets from six different species of native wildflower. This variety lot includes:
– x1 packet of 350 Fireweed seeds (chamaenerion angustifolium)
– x1 packet of 50 Glacier Lily seeds (erythronium grandiflorum)
– x1 packet of 150 Arrowleaf Balsamroot seeds (balsamorhiza sagittata)
– x1 packet of 100 Alumroot seeds (heuchera micrantha)
– x1 packet of 50 Lupin seeds (lupinus perennis)
– x1 packet of 100 Common Camas seeds (camassia quamash)

Each packet is padded with an extra 10-20%+ more seed than advertised to account for any blemished or infertile seeds.Most of these seeds require lengthy stratification to grow. They are best sewn in the fall, or artificially startified in a fridge or freezer. Instructions for doing so can be found online.

Sold out!


Each seed lot has been portioned with 10-20% more seed than the advertised quantity, just to pad against potential miscount or infertility.

The photos on this listing are of the seeds you will receive and some of the plants that they came from. These are not stock photos.

We collect, clean, sort, count, and sell seed as a chance for others to propagate healthful, medicinal, and edible plants. We factor prices based on our time and resources, nothing more. We do not try to compete with wholesalers and re-sellers.

We STRONGLY encourage everyone to save seeds of their own! It’s practical, free, and addicting 🙂

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