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“Aroyu Ate the Wrong Plant”

For once the sun decided to shine in Western Washington, so I rigged up the goaters and headed into the forest for late afternoon pastoral shenanigans. ‘Roy, Aster, and Isöl sported their respective saddles. It’s worth noting that once the goats begin to associate being saddled with “getting to go on a hike”, they suddenly hold quite still and are very compliant with being tacked up. You bust out the packs and saddles and they suddenly fall into line and…

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“The Goat Poisoned Himself”

Aster and Isöl made a jail break, as goats are prone to doing.  They escaped their fenced area and indulged in some free-ranging around the mountainside.  I didn’t think much of it; I know they’re not going very far and I don’t mind them browsing new area.  A few hours later, however, something seemed amiss.  I couldn’t hear the bells on their collars jingling.  They were either very far away or holding very still.  Goats are like small children; when…

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