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“Neoma’s Tribulations: The Scalp Wound, Part 1”

A photo from the day before her brawl. Little Miss Danger Dog.  Scar Face.  Scalp Dog.  Neoma has once again won a shiny new battle scar. Unfortunately Neoma got chewed up in a dog fight.  And for once she wasn’t even asking for it!  She didn’t fight back and it was over in seconds (thankfully I was there to stop it), but the fight left her with a grotesque scalp wound and a bum leg.  No skin was torn on…

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“Neoma’s Tribulations: The Hawk”

I was on the phone when I heard little Neoma yelping on the hill behind the house.   I listened keenly, assuming she was simply distressed upon realizing how far she was from us.  She came running home, whining, but not in a way that alarmed me. I listened, curious about what the issue was.  Then when she got to the front porch she exploded in hysterical screaming. I quickly hung up my phone call and ran outside. She sat…

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