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“Baby Goats Have Arrived!”

BABY GOATS!  After 5 months of eager anticipation (the last 2 months of which were even more eager once we stopped milking in late  January and instantly began missing fresh cheese), we have beautiful baby goaters! Tisl birthed first, 48 hours later than her technical due date.  She was stealth-preggers, barely showing any baby bulge right up to birthing.  I expected only 1 kid out of her.  But she produced 2 beautiful kids.  I had…

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“I Put a Bone in My Foot…”

Yep. I was on a steep slope, unfolding a large sheet of greenhouse plastic, and I stepped on what looked like plain dirt only to hear a grotesque juicy crunch and a surge of pain in the arch of my foot. I sat/fell down and proceeded to uproot a small -something- sticking up out of the dirt. It was the tip of a buried jagged, gnarly chunk of dog-chewed deer vertebrae with old black gristle…

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