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“Website Updates”

If you’ve been one of the many people who visited this site this week and encountered curious visual site errors or visual changes from one page to the next as you explored, you have my apologies!  It’s taken me almost 100 days since switching to WordPress, but I think I’ve got this thing almost where I want it! The new WP site began with lightly colored text atop a solid black background. Not much color…

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“The New Website”

If you’re reading this, Hello!  Welcome to the fancy new website!  Are you enjoying the shiny new blog feature?  I hope so.  I’m still trying to figure out what a blog is, so bear with me… This is my formal acknowledgement of the changes.  I did it!  I finally did it.  I surrendered to the almighty website building technology!   I must admit, the last time I tried to use a website builder was probably…

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