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“The Upper Greenhouse Through July, 2021”

Through the busy heat of this unprecedentedly hot summer, the gardens have flourished amazingly.  The tomatoes are loaded with pounds of thick green tomato clusters.  The string beans are cranking out a few pounds of beans every 3 days- by far the best year for beans yet.  The zucchinis are keeping us rich in their fruits at all times, as they are prone to doing.  I’ve taken to pickling baby zucchinis now, hopefully it’s a worthwhile endeavor (I have yet to open and eat any pickled Zucch’s).  The cucumbers are keeping me busy with endless  pickling.   The leafy greens have run their course in the heat, the fourth round of beets have been pickled, and I’m busy every day hand pollinating my squash jungle.


  Enjoy the following photos of the upper greenhouse garden through August!


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