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“Website Updates, January 2022”

I’m excited to announce that almost 1 year after switching to the new WordPress site, I’ve finally figured out how to fine-tune all the stubborn elements around the website that have been woefully out of sorts for too long. If you saw the cart, checkout, and account pages previously, you know what I meant. Hard-to-read text, forms running off the page… not to mention that obnoxious mobile menu! I was pulling my hair out trying to fix it. Tonight I finally did! I learned how to use the element inspection tool to pinpoint specific page elements and add their .CSS styling to my master style sheet. Is my vocabulary 100% correct? I have NO IDEA! Point is I got it done 😀

So have a sniff around- things should be looking much better than they used to! Check out the new cart feature, too. I think it looks quite spiffy! And even better, it works well!

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