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“Website Updates”

If you’ve been one of the many people who visited this site this week and encountered curious visual site errors or visual changes from one page to the next as you explored, you have my apologies!  It’s taken me almost 100 days since switching to WordPress, but I think I’ve got this thing almost where I want it!

The new WP site began with lightly colored text atop a solid black background. Not much color anywhere on the site.  I had to figure out how to tear apart the jumble of default CSS styling provided to me, learn how to make a child theme, and really tweak this thing into the vision I had for it.  Might sound easy to some, but I was starting at square one with barely any grasp on CSS coding.

For now, the last major hang-up is my logo at the top of each page.  Hopefully in the next week or two I’ll do enough finagling and to have a nice shiny logo displaying proudly!

But until then, please excuse the last few hap-hazard layout issues 🙂